Helping you stay healthy with a range of medical services

The doctors are highly experienced and knowledgeable across a range of healthcare specialties. 

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Spot-checks and skin examinations to monitor, diagnose and treat skin cancer.

Supporting mothers through their pregnancy to make sure both mum and baby are happy and healthy.

Using thin, single-use sterile needles, acupuncture can help clear energy blockages and promote healing.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation

The pelvic floor chair can help you regain bladder control if you suffer from some forms of urinary incontinence.

Travel Medicine

Set up your trip for success with travel advice from the experienced general practitioners.

Women’s Health

The dedicated doctors are committed to women’s health, working with you to keep you healthy at all stages of your life.

These range from removal of possible skin cancers to the insertion of a long term contraceptive such as Implanon or an IUD.

Professional medical checks and ‘fitness for employment’ assessments to provide to your future or current employer.

Children’s Health

Support for children across all ages, ensuring they’re healthy and reaching their milestones as they develop.

Wound management

If you’re having difficulty managing your wound dressing, we offer a service to redress minor wounds on-site.


Including childhood vaccinations, Flu vaccinations or travel vaccinations, the experienced doctors can help today.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle advice for healthy diet and exercise patterns, dealing with unhealthy habits, chronic illness management and managing stress.

Ultrasound muscle therapy

Experience the difference ultrasound soft tissue therapy can make to your recovery by booking this service today.


A vasectomy is a simple procedure where a tube, called the vas deferens, is cut to cause a male to become sterile.

We provide ongoing support and training for doctors entering general practice.

Pathology and Radiology

Both the clinics have pathology and radiology services. If you need an X-ray or blood test done, we’ve got pathology and radiology services on-site or within walking distance.