Antenatal Care

  • Preconceptual counselling and pregnancy planning.
  • Antenatal shared care.
  • Early pregnancy management and referral for shared care or hospital care.
  • Postnatal ‘six week’ check ups with early parenting advice.
  • Management of basic breastfeeding problems.
  • Contraceptive advice and family planning.
  • Care of the infant and early childhood issues.

What is shared antenatal care?

Shared care is, as the name suggests, having some of your care with your GP (who is an accredited share care provider affiliated with a hospital network), but also with the hospital Obstetric team.

Does everybody qualify for shared care?

Unfortunately hospitals do have ‘exclusion criteria’ so that if your pregnancy becomes complicated or is deemed high risk, they may take over your care to be full hospital care.

What are the advantages of shared care?

Some women have a preference for shared care because the pregnancy is managed by her local doctor whom she knows well and trusts.  Furthermore, her GP can be a point of consistency whereas the hospital visits may be with a variety of different doctors and midwives.  Finally, the shared care GP will generally be the doctor you see for the important postnatal period, guiding you on early parenting, family planning and breastfeeding problems.

Where can I share care with the doctors at Casey Medical Centre?

Although not all our shared-care doctors are affiliated with every hospital network, there is a doctor connected with each of the following networks:

  • Monash Health
  • Peninsula Health
  • Eastern Health
  • West Gippsland Healthcare Group

Does it cost do shared care?

The answer to this depends on whether you have a Healthcare card – please refer to our website or speak to our friendly reception staff or your doctor, who can guide you on the cost of receiving shared care.