The Health of your Workforce is Vital

Casey Corporate & Industrial Health is committed to providing all your occupational health requirements. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals work to the highest standards of medical expertise to guarantee the best possible outcome at all times.

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Major Benefits

  • High standard of medical care
    • Emergency Facilities:
      • 8 Bed Emergency Room with extensive equipment
    • Nursing staff highly trained inacute and chronic injury management
    • Extended hours – Open 7 Days / Week
    • Immediate access to Pathology & Radiology, fast diagnosis and treatment
    • On-site Audiology
    • On-site Pharmacy
    • Excellent communication & liaison with Return to Work Co-ordinators

Treatment of Injuries

Acute injuries will be seen immediately, treated or referred for diagnostic testing to facilitate the earliest possible return to work.

Pre-employment Medicals

Prospective employees should be fit to perform the duties of the position for which they apply. If not, they could be at risk of future injury with you, the employer liable for compensation claims.

Our medical team takes a comprehensive medical history and performs a stringent physical examination.

The employer is provided with a statement regarding the applicant’s suitability for the proposed position, often incorporating specific recommendations or restrictions. The report is available immediately on completion of the examination.

Return to Work Plans

We believe an important part of the Return to Work process in ongoing communication between the health provider and the employer. Following a work-related injury there may be a need for a rehabilitation program to ensure rapid and optimum recovery. Casey Corporate & Industrial Health liaise with the Return to Work Officer and the injured worker to arrange suitable alternative duties.

Personal Information, Privacy and your Doctor

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Services we offered

Injury Management

  • Acute
  • Chronic


  • Pre-employment
  • Travel
  • Jockey
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Rail Category 1, 2 & 3 medicals

Travel Health

  • All Immunisations
  • Yellow Fever (accredited)

Preventive Health Care

  • Medical Check-ups


  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Fluvax
  • Tetanus
  • Q-Fever (accredited)

Pre & Post Hospital Management

  • Management of injuries prior to and after hospitalisation

Return to Work Assistance

  • Excellent liaison with RTW
  • Co-ordinators and employee representatives


As winter approaches it is time to consider protection from influenza for yourself and your staff. Influenza is a contagious disease caused by a specific virus. The real dangers of influenza are the complications as the influenza virus leaves the body’s resistance weakened and open to other infections. The most common complication after influenza is pneumonia.

To minimize staff absence due to illness we are able to offer protection against influenza by visiting your premises and immunising staff for the minimal cost of $25.00 per person, (minimum of 15 people) including GST. For less than 15 people the cost is $30.00 per person.

Autumn is the ideal time for vaccination so if you would like to take this opportunity, please contact one of our Nursing Sisters, Monika or Connie on 5991 1222.