GP Training

When did it all begin?

We are proud to have been a renowned teaching clinic for over three decades, providing quality training for doctors who are now specialising in General Practice. Almost every doctor at the clinic came through this training at Casey Medical Centre and stayed on, highlighting the quality atmosphere we have established.

The learning experience:

In order to provide a quality learning experience, most of the doctors provide education and they teach in the area of medicine about which they have a passion and special interest. This sets up trainees to be prepared for a career in General Practice after developing skills in a wide variety of areas, after focussed teaching.

Furthermore, if the doctor decides to stay on, the clinic provides ongoing learning and teaching opportunities through clinical meetings and presentations, the visiting specialists, and of course the casual chat at lunch or on the phone.

Meet the GP Supervisors:

Dr. Roger Smith

Dr. Roger Smith arrived as a GP registrar in late 1985, going elsewhere to get some further training, only to return in 1989 and join as a clinic partner.  He has seen enormous growth in the decades he has been at Casey Medical Centre. He enjoys passing on the ‘tips and tricks’ which form part of a training GP’s bank of knowledge.

Dr. Tom Everitt

Dr. Tom Everitt has been with us since 1986, initially as a trainee. Enjoying the friendly workplace, he decided to stay on and join as a partner.  He has been a supervisor for over 30 years, and still has a passion for passing on the techniques required for a fulfilling General Practice career.

Dr. Justin Curran

Dr. Justin Curran arrived in 2009 as a Registrar and enjoyed it so much he returned for his final training rotation, choosing to stay as a permanent doctor in 2011, and then joined the partnership in 2013. He is keen to maintain the high standard of teaching we offer and gets great satisfaction watching Registrars grow in confidence and is proud to be a part of their development.  His special interests include paediatrics and men’s health.

Dr. Tian Tu

Dr. Tian Tu began work at Casey Medical Centre in 2017, as a Registrar.  He chose to be a supervisor because of his passion for teaching and General Practice.  He particularly enjoys learning about the individual strengths of each Registrar  and watching them develop their own style of practice.  His interests are in ‘clinical decision making’, mental health and musculoskeletal medicine.