The availability of immunisations has been one of the most important health advances. Casey Medical Centre provides a comprehensive service for both children and adults.

A child’s immunisation journey starts in hospital just after birth and continues into their teenage years and beyond.

For adults, immunisations are crucial as well. Whether it is for an upcoming trip, updating of tetanus coverage or the need for whooping cough protection due to a pending arrival in the family, advice is available for which immunisations are recommended for you.

For older adults, the schedule also includes protection against pneumonia and shingles if you fit within the age category.

Please click on the link below to see the current immunisation schedule for Victoria and eligibility criteria:

How do I organise a booking?

Simply ring for an appointment with the practice nurses as unfortunately an appointment cannot be made online for immunisations. Make sure you bring your child’s welfare book with you so all immunisations can be recorded.

For adults, you can discuss immunisations when you see your doctor for a consultation or during your annual health assessment.

The immunisations we provide will be immediately updated to the Australian Immunisation Register and you will be able to access this on the Medicare section of your ‘mygov’ account.

My child is unwell – will it matter if an immunisation is postponed by a week or two?

It makes sense to defer any immunisation until your child is well.  A delay of a few weeks is of no consequence.

I have received notification that my child has completely missed a scheduled immunisation. Will my child miss out?

This is not uncommon and easily remedied. There are clear guidelines setting out how this can be achieved. Your child’s immunisations can then be updated promptly, depending on the circumstances.

Is there a cost to immunisation?

There is no cost to you for the administration of an immunisation in our treatment room with our nurses, regardless of when you attend for this.  The only cost to you may be for the vaccination itself, depending on your circumstances. 

If you are seeking an immunisation listed within the schedule above, then there is no cost at all.  However, if it falls outside the schedule or eligibility criteria for the particular vaccine then there will be a cost for the vaccination – e.g. if it is for your own personal travel or if you are wanting an Influenza vaccine but don’t meet the eligibility criteria set out by the Government.

Where can I get further information?

In addition to the link provided above for the Victorian schedule, please also find links to the National Immunisation Program for Non-indigenous and Indigenous Australians:

Program for non-indigenous people:

Program for all Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people: