Lifestyle Coaching

What is lifestyle coaching?

Lifestyle coaching uses the principles of Lifestyle medicine to prevent or manage many lifestyle related chronic medical conditions. Lifestyle medicine covers the areas of nutrition, physical activity, stress and sleep management, positive psychology, social connectedness, along with safe alcohol consumption and avoidance of smoking.

Who is lifestyle coaching for?

Everyone can benefit from lifestyle coaching. It can be used to prevent or manage chronic conditions such as excessive weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver or diabetes. It can also be used for mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Coaching provides individualised support in making changes – either alone or in conjunction with regular medical treatment.  The coaching itself uses a personalised approach to work with each patient to support them in their journey to feel more empowered in managing their health. 

Who can provide lifestyle coaching?

All doctors at the clinic are familiar with the basic principles of lifestyle coaching and it is often the first step of many options used to treat a vast array of medical conditions. Some doctors have more specialised training in lifestyle medicine and can provide more expertise in this area. Please ask our friendly receptionists for more information about making an appointment. 

What is the cost?

Please see the website for the costs for consultations related to Lifestyle coaching.

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