What Medicals do you perform?

We can assist with many different types of medical examinations you may require prior to engaging in employment, a hobby or a sport.

  • Most types of pre-employment medicals.
  • Jockey, Harness-racing and other hobbies.
  • Motor vehicle racing medicals (Motorsport Australia).
  • Railway medicals (Category 1,2 and 3).
  • Vic Roads licencing (private car and commercial vehicles).


We do not offer Aircraft and Scuba medicals as specific training is required to complete these.

How do I book an appointment?

Please call the clinic and make a booking explaining the type and purpose of your medical.  Because we need to put extra time aside, and book a nurse in the treatment room, bookings for these are not available online.

If you are attending for a pre-employment medical, please bring along all paperwork required by the employer or organisation requesting the medical, filling in the sections you need to complete prior to your appointment – often these might include answering questions about current or past medical problems, treatments, hospitalisations, medications etc.  Please also bring a form of photo identification such your driver’s licence.

Medicals are not covered under Medicare. 

What is involved?

Please arrive early to complete any further paperwork.  You may see the practice nurse first for part of the examination, followed afterwards by the doctor to finalise the process. 

In some case you may be sent next door to our pathology collection centre to have a blood or urine test done – this depends on what is required in your particular medical examination. 

What do I wear?

You may be required to disrobe to an extent during your examination, so please wear clothes with which you are comfortable to do this.  Loose fitting clothing might also be appropriate so your physical movement can be assessed if required.

As always, you are entitled to request a chaperone during any physical examination so you feel more comfortable.