Travel Medicine

Why do I need a consultation prior to travel?

Whether you’re travelling overseas for business or pleasure, it is important to have a preventative consultation to assess your risks and give you the best chance of having a safe journey.  This advice would generally be for travel outside Australia but could also include travel within our borders.

What sort of things might be discussed during a travel consultation?

Although there are some common aspects to almost all travel, a discussion should be tailored to:

  • The types of immunisations you might require and when is the best time to have them.
  • Specific health concerns regarding a particular location to which you may travel.
  • Travel tips and advice regarding avoidance of infectious diseases, learning how best to prevent getting a blood clot on a long-haul flight, precautions regarding food and water intake and avoidance of mosquito-borne infections, as well as excess sun exposure.
  • Specific aspects of your individual health which could be a potential problem overseas.
  • Medications you might need to take to prevent malaria or manage travellers diarrhoea.
  • Your need for Yellow Fever vaccine as well as completion of the ‘Yellow card’ to provide smooth processing through some countries’ border control.

What can I potentially expect to receive from a travel consultation?

Depending on your circumstances, your doctor might feel it appropriate to provide you with:

  • A letter with a list of medication you may be taking through overseas customs.
  • Advice regarding aspects of your travel insurance policy or what to do if you require medical attention.
  • A health summary in case you have need for medical care while you are away. These summaries may include details such as your current or past medical problems, medications, allergies and dates of previous immunisations.
  • The provision of a greater quantity of your usual medications so you don’t run out while you’re away, depending on the duration of your travel.

Do you stock any travel vaccines at the clinic?

Unfortunately we don’t stock travel vaccines. However, during your appointment your doctor will provide you with a script and you can pick them up from the pharmacy and bring them in for our nurses to administer.

It is most important immunisations remain at a consistently low temperature. We suggest you attend a pharmacy nearby or preferably in the building so the vaccine doesn’t ‘over-heat’ on the way to the clinic and become ineffective.

If you have to wait for your appointment with our nurse in the treatment room, please ask to have the immunisation placed in our vaccination fridge to remain cold, rather than holding them in your hand in the waiting room.

Will my doctor will know about all countries I might visit?

Your doctor will have a good knowledge regarding most regions and countries.  We also have access to current recommendations for areas less travelled.  However, in some circumstances it may still be necessary for a doctor to refer you to a travel clinic if your travel plans are particularly complex or unique.